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"Prioritizing yourself with self-love and care lets you be the best person you can be. It takes us long enough to figure that out and we’re hoping this changes with every generation."
Meet Isabel Muller: Founder & CEO of Swtch Underwear
ShoutOut LA - February 22, 2021
Isabel Muller: “Your first product and launch don’t need to be perfect”
Thrive Global - December 02, 2020
"The Swtch brand is pro womxn’s health, inclusivity and sustainability, and our bottom line is to encourage womxn to feel strong voicing their needs and taking advantage of all the options that simplify their day."
Isabel Muller’s Big Idea That Might Change The World
Authority Magazine - October 29, 2020
Interview with Isabel Muller CEO of Swtch
Scott Amyx: Climate Change, Podcast - October 19, 2020
"Isabel Muller shares her powerful story about becoming an entrepreneur and stepping into her authentic self after growing up struggling with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. Now, she embraces who she is, her sexuality, and her dreams, following them passionately, openly, and purposefully! She wants discussions around the female body to be normalized and shame-free, celebrating every woman, every body, and every vagina!"
Conversation with Isabel Muller, Creator and CEO of SWTCH Underwear
HERE with Felicia Conner, Podcast - August 15, 2020
Isabel Muller Launches Swtch Underwear
Mission Matters Podcast - August 11, 2020
Episode 90: Isabel Muller
Being LGBTQ Podcast - August 02, 2020
"I found that my love and compassion for our audience and my belief in the brand made it pretty easy to showcase the underwear. The passion felt like a shield. Moments like that remind me how invested I am in Swtch, and how passionate I am about producing a brand that makes women FEEL GOOD..."
Inspiring Stories Series: Meet Isabel Muller of Swtch
Voyage LA - July 06, 2020
"Hearing your story come out of someone else's mouth is the most powerful treatment, and the most powerful part of recovery."
OverComing Eating Disorders
OverComing You Podcast - July 27, 2020
"When you realize that your needs matter the most, that’s when you’re powerful. Being of service, that’s another level of power."
Episode 67: Isabel Muller
Powerful Ladies Podcast - May 27, 2020
Audience Choice Award @ 2020 Women's Fast Pitch Southwest - September 01, 2020
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