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9 Reasons Why You Need Side-Fastening Underwear

What are side-fastening underwear and why would I need them?

There are many kinds of side-fastening underwear out there, and used for different purposes!

For instance, our Swtch underwear was created to make it super quick and easy to change out your underwear on the go, without compromising style, sustainability, or your active lifestyle!

Other kinds of side-fastening undies are often called adaptive undies, which are made to be super helpful for folks with disabilities, post-surgery recovery, postpartum recovery, or any other reason you might not be able to bend down or change your clothes easily. Our undies work great for all these scenarios and uses, but unlike other side-fastening undies, our fabrics are made of recycled and sustainable materials, that repel moisture instead of soaking it up! Additionally, our strong, pliable fasteners are quicker and easier to use, while lying flat and soft under clothes.

Here are 9 reasons why you'll LOVE our side-fastening Swtch Undies:

- Are you active? Great, you're gonna want these undies. Sweaty undies combined with daily vaginal discharge lead to trapped moisture: a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi! (What's more... when we exercise, our pelvic floor expands and contracts and we naturally expel more cervical fluid from our vaginas.) Swtch makes it easy to change your underwear after exercise without having to strip those sweaty leggings off first. Swtch comes in handy for cyclists, hikers, gym rats, you name it! Our Swtch Kits also make the best gifts for commuters and athletes. 

 - Do you travel? Our bodies naturally produce more sweat on planes due to the air pressure; that's why the cabin may be freeeeezing, but our butts are sweaty AF! Also, the lack of air circulation between our bodies and the seats does not help. Swtch out in the airplane bathroom or at the terminal to feel fresh and dry all flight long! (Swtch also comes in handy on road trips!)

- Vaginal discharge!!! All folks with vaginas experience between 1/4 tsp and 1 whole tsp per day; That's the difference between "oh a small spot in my undies!" and "holy wetness WHAT is happening right now?" And remember what we said about exercise and discharge? Making a quick swtch-out can make you feel fresh and dry and ready to go.

- Do you menstruate? Swtch underwear work great as backup on period days, without using wasteful single-use pads or liners. Waste-free, baby! Our undies are also great if you're not into wearing sweaty period underwear during a workout. I tried to wear my absorbent undies to a spin class once.... #yikes. 

- Are you a mama or mama to be? Cool, then you understand what it's like to find out you're not finished peeing after you've left the bathroom. Or, maybe you just gave birth and your vulva is recovering and leaking all sorts of fluids.

- Into sustainability and a waste-free lifestyle? Not only are our undies made in LA from sustainable materials, but can you use them instead of single-use panty liners. 10-30% of vagina-owners in the US are still using these on the daily to keep dry and 12+ billion of them end up in our landfills every year. 

- How about the beach? Wow - swapping into your swimsuit just got WAY easier. Wear your Swtch undies to the beach, pull your bathing suit on over them, unfasten the sides, and then pull the undies out through the back! Done.

- The best camping undie DOES exist. No more lying down in your tent trying to shimmy your layers on and off just to swap your undies. No more bouncing on one leg behind a tree or car door trying not to be seen by your campsite neighbors! Just pull your shorts down a little and bing bang boom - fresh undies. Swtch undies are also perfect for backpackers, and they dry quickly, so it won't be long after a wash in the river before your Swtch undies are ready to go again! When it's hot out and showers are few and far between, clean undies are a must. 

- Are your workdays 10+ hours long? Maybe you're a healthcare worker, filming on set, an officer, solider or pilot! This probably means you have little time and space to take care of your own needs. Throw a Swtch Kit in your backpack so you can slap on a fresh pair during a bathroom break; quick, discreet, and easy. :)

OK, that's all for now, but there are TONS of reasons our side-fastening undies come in handy. The bottom line is - we are here for you when you need to feel fresh and dry.