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what's our deal?

Today’s ‘panties’ are still just iterations of midcentury underwear designs, motivated by the male’s vision of the ideal woman. These limited designs barely accounted for our periods, discharge, incontinence, or sweat - not to mention our varying physical abilities. And this 'ideal woman,' representing a singular repressed role, has required so much of our time to dismantle.

our solution?

The march towards liberation has led to a modern woman that is active, adaptive, and powerful. We choose to wear quality, sustainable clothes, versatile enough to take us by bike to the office, from yoga to lunch, or as moms, from one minute to the next. Naturally, we need underwear that switches as easily as we do. Our easy-change underwear have flat, flexible fasteners at each hip - allowing you to swap out your underwear without having to strip first.

Our eco-friendly, easy-change undies eliminate the need for single-use liners and keep us feeling fresh all day.

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We are...

designed for adventure and easy changing, Swtch products give you the choice to stay in your undies... or not! We offer you the option to swap out your underwear quickly and easily, and most importantly, on the go. Our undies are size-inclusive and disability-inclusive, with ADA-compliant fasteners.

We are leak-positive and strong advocates of vaginal & urinary health. We acknowledge all body types, and understand that not everyone wants to commit to one pair all day. Above all, Swtch encourages you to honor your body and enjoy the hustle. 

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waste free

We believe...

a sustainable lifestyle is a waste-free one. About 1/4 of US women are still using non-compostable and non-recyclable liners and pads on the daily to keep dry. By using Swtch products, we can cut down on our daily waste, and at the same time, solve a major annoyance we’ve struggled with for a long time: having to take your entire outfit off to simply change your underwear. Swtch products encourage a waste-free lifestyle, while offering convenience and comfort.

oh, and it's not just about the undies...

Our mission is to encourage you to feel empowered by your versatility and individuality.

Isabel Muller

words from our founder

"As a queer woman, I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to fit a mold I was forced into by our patriarchal society. It wasn’t until I busted out of that mold that I could see my opportunities and understand that my needs are not shameful, but powerful."

CEO & Founder, Isabel Muller