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FAQ | Swtch Underwear

how do Swtch undies work?

Our undies have high-tech velcro-like fasteners at each hip. When you want to change your underwear, simply pull down your pants, undo each fastener, pull your underwear away and stow them in your go-bag. Put on a new pair by fastening each side around your legs.

what do I do with my undies after I've swtch'd them?

Swtch pairs are pre-packaged in a handy go-bag. This bag replaces the wasteful packaging underwear typically ships in, but also doubles as a pouch to stash your extra pairs. Wash and reuse as needed!

can you wash Swtch undies?

Yes! Our underwear's lifeline is just like regular underwear. Wear it, swtch it, wash it, repeat! We do however ask that you follow the care instructions to maximize the life of your Swtch underwear.

are Swtch products eco-friendly?

Yes! Our priority is to use the most sustainable materials we can. That goes for packaging and product tags too! Our underwear is made from recycled and sustainably sourced fibers, with a bit of spandex to give it that good stretch.

are the fasteners bulky?

No! The fasteners are flexible and soft, hugging your body smoothly. They're integrated into a soft and flattering waistband designed to stay put beneath your workout leggings.

will there be other styles and colors?

Definitely. We're starting with one style and color to see how you like it, then we'll ask you which style we should add next!