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 Our priority is to manufacture locally, create minimal waste, and to work with others who share our values of sustainability. That's why Swtch underwear is made of recycled and sustainably sourced materials, and hand-made in downtown Los Angeles. 



1. Post Consumer Waste

Recovered bottles and clothing are cleaned, shredded & melted down to their original form.

Where: Global

eco-friendly post-consumer waste


2. Recycled PET

This process results in the rebirth of usable raw materials.

3. New Sustainable Yarns

These materials are spun into new yarns, ready for knitting.

Where: Taiwan Performance Fabric Facility

 sustainable fabric

4. Cutting Edge Fabrics

Our fabrics are knit for performance and longevity.


Where: Taiwan Performance Fabric Facility

5. Local Manufacturing

Fabrics are then shipped to our local Los Angeles manufacturer for cutting & sewing.

Where: Los Angeles, California 

swtch underwear  

6. Swtch HQ

Undies are packaged up with eco-friendly tagging & materials, then shipped straight to you from our LA office!

Where: Los Angeles, California